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The Interesting Life and Work of Artists

I selected this blog theme because it relates to me personally as an artist and teacher in the visual arts field.  In addition, it will help others to learn more about artists, their work and why they are creating what they create.   Artists have interesting lives, some struggle and some seem to fly through life with ease and gratification.  Some artists grew up being encouraged and supported in their endeavors to become an artist, others did not.  The creations of the visual artists are culturally influenced as well.  These aspects will hopefully create a bridge of interest for not only the artistic person to read my blog but also, the non-artistic person. Finally, another aspect of this blog will include the process of creating art.  How did the artist create the art they create?  What materials did they use, how did they use these materials and what was their technique? The following website is about myself.  It will give you a little glimpse into my process and interests as an artist. As an additional point of interest one of my favorite artists Alexander Calder will show you a little more about my intentions through using another artists information to encourage the interest of others. By Denise Hiestand

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